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I've worked as a professional writer for a very long time. I've worked for huge software and hardware companies, tiny startups, a biomedical nonprofit, a manufacturing plant, government contracting firms, worked on-site at a NASA facility, wrote magazine articles as a freelancer, and I even ran my own business helping people write and print memoirs and family histories. I also wrote a book, launched a crowdfunding campaign that raised $5,000 for editing and printing costs, and self published it. Let's just say I've had my hand in almost every aspect of business writing that exists.

People often ask me "what kind of writing do you do?" If I just say "business writing," that often leads to more question. Like, what exactly is business writing? What kinds of things do you actually write? The short answer is that business writing is all the written materials a company needs to get the word out about what they do and help their customers understand how to use the company's goods and services. A longer answer is that business writing includes many different disciplines, such as technical writing, marketing (or content) writing, nonprofit writing, medical and science writing, and government proposal writing. Each discipline includes many specific elements that are impossible to describe in a quick elevator speech.

Others ask how they can get a writing job. This is a logical question, because business writers can find jobs in almost every type of business imaginable, the salaries are pretty good, and many jobs are now remote. Many people think that finding a writing job without any business writing experience is impossible, but it's not. Everyone starts somewhere.

This blog will help you learn all about different business writing fields, learn how to break in to the industry, and how to improve your business writing techniques to advance in your career.

About Jennifer Pinkley

I’ve spent my career learning about effective writing and editing techniques for business materials, books, business materials, and magazine articles. I love the written word and I can help you learn how to start your own career as a business writer.

I've worked with numerous corporate clients to write technical content, annual reports, marketing fliers, technical documentation, and so much more. I’ve also worked with individual clients to help them move from a manuscript to a print book, ebook, and audiobook. I’m deeply committed to helping you learn how to become a professional business writer, help you improve your writing techniques, and help you publish your own book. One client sent this note after I helped her publish her memoir:

“Working with you to write “Memories Before I Forget” was one of the highlights of my life! Many sincere thanks.”

When I’m not writing, I have a lot of unusual hobbies, like exploring caves, hiking, backpacking, and nature photography.

Find me on a couple social media sites: https://linktr.ee/savvybizwriting


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